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Holy Hannah this girl is adorable! Jessica appeared at my favorite site a few years ago while she was just 17 and quickly became one of my favorite girls there. She’s still available in the archives thankfully and you’ll get to see high quality pictures just like this one. Jessica is posing in the studio and smiling at the camera while wearing a pink floral print bra. When she turns her back, you’ll get to see the matching thong panties she’s wearing. To finish off the outfit she’s wearing for this teen glamour model photoshoot, Jessica is wearing a pair of high heels. This girl definitely has long and toned legs, doesn’t she? Want to see more of her and other non nude cuties? CLICK HERE to visit one of my favorite sites today!

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Alexandra is an adorable 14 year old model with long curly hair, tanned skin and a heart warming smile that we never tire of seeing. Here’s some very hot teen bra pics of this non nude model that we figured you’d all enjoy seeing. She’s looking very sexy as she poses for us in her blue lace bra with the matching thong panties. Alexandra’s smile definitely shines as she poses for these teen glamour pictures. If you would like to see more of this cutie or other adorable non nude teen models between the ages of 13 and 17 years old, you should drop by the best online magazine we have come across by clicking here!

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